Woman closing NewStyle Shutters with SoftClose Louvers Woman closing NewStyle Shutters with SoftClose Louvers
SoftClose Louvers

Gentle and Automatic For Ease Of Use

Beautiful and functional, NewStyle® Shutters now have the added convenience of SoftClose™ Louvers. Similar to a feature found in high-end cabinet doors and drawers, the new SoftClose system allows louvers to close gently and automatically after reaching a predetermined angle. This proprietary design eliminates the need to sweep your hand up or down the louvers to achieve complete closure, providing you with ease of use and functionality.

Additionally, a new Quick Align™ feature offers five preset louver positions that enable you to precisely align all your shutters’ louvers from panel to panel. As the louvers are rotated, you'll feel a very subtle stop at the desired angle, making it easy to position louvers consistently across multiple shutters for a clean, harmonious look at your window.

Interested in learning more about SoftClose Louvers? Find a Hunter Douglas specialist in your area who will help you pick the best operating system for your needs.

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