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PowerView Motorization Video Card
PowerView Motorization Overview


The PowerView Shade Network is a unique radio frequency ID that allows PowerView Motorization devices to communicate with each other within a home. All PowerView Devices in a home should be added to the same PowerView Shade Network. This allows for easy installation of additional control options, such as the PowerView Hub, PowerView Repeaters and PowerView Scene Controllers. Additionally, Remotes joined to the same PowerView Shade Network will be able to operate all window coverings in the PowerView Shade Network as desired.

The PowerView Hub enables use of the PowerView App. The PowerView Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router, and communicates with Hunter Douglas window coverings that feature PowerView Motorization. It stores user-defined data, such as Scene and Automation information, and provides control of window coverings from anywhere in the world using the RemoteConnect™ feature.

The PowerView Repeater works alongside the PowerView Remotes, Scene Controllers, and the PowerView Hub to expand coverage of your PowerView Shade Network within the home.

The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller works in conjunction with the PowerView Hub to quickly navigate and activate your personalized list of Scenes.

Battery life for PowerView motorized window treatments using the AA battery wand exceeds one year, depending on shade size, configuration and usage. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended. Hunter Douglas recommends alkaline batteries for all products with the exception of Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades with SkyLift™, for which we recommend Lithium batteries.

No wiring is necessary for products with PowerView motorization. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of power options including battery and plug-in power supplies to fit any application. Hunter Douglas also provides hard-wired motorized shades for various applications.

All shades communicate via our proprietary wireless PowerView protocol.

The PowerView Hub is designed to work with nearly all consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers. However, security settings or special configurations may affect communication with the Hub.

Ranges of radio frequency (RF) signals in a home vary based on construction and conditions in the home (electronic devices, plumbing, electrical runs, etc.). Similar radio components are used for the PowerView Remote, PowerView Hub and PowerView Scene Controllers. PowerView Repeaters are available to extend the range when needed.

PowerView Pebble® Remote

A “favorite” position can be created and set for every motorized shade in the home. The Favorite button is a quick and easy way to send shades to their specific position(s) from a single button press.

The new PowerView components use a different communication method from previous Platinum™ Technology platform and cannot be used to control older shading products.

A PowerView remote can be used to operate numerous shades in groups, as long as the window coverings can receive commands from the remote, or 6 window coverings individually.

Operational distances will vary based on the construction of the home. Large open areas promote greater operational distances. Hunter Douglas recommends 1 remote per room with motorized window treatments.

Third-party ‘universal’ remotes cannot be used to directly control Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized window treatments.

Consider keeping the remote in a location where it will not be moved inadvertently. Alternatively, disable the auto-wake function by pressing and holding the group 6 button on the remote for approximately six seconds. The group numbers (1-6) will blink once to indicate that the auto-wake function has been disabled. To re-enable the auto-wake function, press and hold the group 6 button on the remote for approximately six seconds.

PowerView App

The PowerView App by Hunter Douglas is a free download. However, in order for the App to be able to operate shades, a PowerView Hub must be purchased.

The PowerView App is available for Apple® iOS (running version 10.0 and newer) and Android™ mobile devices (running version 4.4, KitKat, and newer).

Hunter Douglas does not charge any additional fees for PowerView App updates or for the use of RemoteConnect™. For features that use your mobile wireless network, check with your carrier for data rate charges that may apply.

No, an Internet connection is not necessary. However, for new PowerView Hub installations, it is required that the Hub be connected to a router with Internet access in order for the Hub to download the latest firmware update from the Hunter Douglas PowerView server. An Internet connection to the router is also necessary for the RemoteConnect feature and for keeping the time, date and your Hub firmware up to date.

You can control all Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized window treatments in a home from the PowerView App.

Yes, adjust your window coverings featuring PowerView Motorization to preset Scenes when you’re away via the RemoteConnect™ feature. RemoteConnect must be enabled in your PowerView Hub and accessed from a PowerView account. Additionally, your PowerView Hub must be connected to your home’s Internet network.

A Scene is a combination of pre-programmed window covering positions in any given room, adjusted to the exact position that you want. Scenes can be created and operated by the PowerView App to meet different light and privacy needs throughout the day. Just activate the Scene with a touch and the window coverings move to their perfect pre-set positions. Even better, set your Scenes to automatically follow your daily activities using the Automations feature of the PowerView App.

Multiple-Room Scenes are collections of Scenes from separate Rooms that allow you to activate Scenes around your home at the same time.

Yes, Automations will continue to operate window coverings to pre-set Scenes at the programmed time(s) of day even if the mobile device is not in the home. All Automation settings are stored in the PowerView Hub.

Automations will adjust for Daylight Savings Time automatically after you connect to the PowerView Hub using the PowerView App. The internal clock in the PowerView Hub will update to the current date and time. If the PowerView Hub is connected to the internet, Daylight Savings Time will be automatically updated.

RemoteConnect is a feature within the PowerView App that allows users to activate Scenes while outside the home, anywhere internet connectivity is possible.

RemoteConnect is a feature within the PowerView App that allows users to activate Scenes while outside the home, anywhere internet connectivity is possible.

Dashboard information is stored on a user's mobile device. Each distinct mobile device that interacts with the PowerView App within a home can have their own Dashboard configuration.


The batteries in your shades may need to be replaced. See our Battery Life indicator information and how-to video.

Press and hold the manual button on the headrail for 6 seconds to calibrate the shade limit. Learn more

Our PowerView Step-by-Step Guide has the answer! Click here for Setting Limits: Designer Screen Shades Only. See also our PowerView Motorization Guides tab for more information.

Are you on the same network as the shades? If so, please raise the shades with the remote, and then stand next to the hub with the remote and see if you can close the shades. If this does not work then you have a signal issue and we would suggest relocating any repeaters you have.