Ethics & Compliance

Each day, we work together to ensure that our organization is effective (driving growth) and efficient (profitable) but also, above all, ethical (we do the right thing and lead by example).

Towards that end, the Hunter Douglas Code of Business Conduct sets forth our responsibilities as owners to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to act with integrity.

While the Code serves as a practical guide to ethical decision-making, the Hunter Douglas Ethics Helpline enables individuals to raise any questions or concerns about legal or ethical obligations. The Helpline is a confidential and secure means of reporting in local language that is managed by an independent organization and available anywhere in the world, 24/7. Where local laws permit, you can file and follow up on reports anonymously.

In uncertain or challenging situations, please seek guidance from the Code, the Helpline, or the Compliance team.

We also recognize that modern slavery presents serious human rights issues; the Hunter Douglas Modern Slavery Statement describes steps we’ve taken to prevent and reduce the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains.