How to Clean Metal Blinds

Use a soft clean cloth, dust cloth or dusting mitt. Lower blind to its full length, tilt slats almost all the way down and dust. Not closing all the way allows dusting where the slats overlap.

Best Methods to Clean your Aluminum Blinds

• Vacuum: Blinds may be vacuumed using a brush attachment.

• Cleaner: Us an over-the-counter blinds cleaner with a soft cloth.

• Bathtub cleaning/water immersion: This method is used for Modern Precious Metals aluminum blinds (with the exception of the Natural Elements collection).

Steps for Water Immersion
1. Immerse entire shade assembly in lukewarm water with mild detergent.

2. Wash for five minutes by gently moving liquid around with your fingers. Not recommended for blinds with decorative tapes. Important! Do not immerse headrails on EasyRise™, LiteRise® , PowerView™, PowerTilt™, UltraGlide® , Vertiglide™ or the bottom rail on SimpleLift™ systems.


Additional Cleaning Tips

• When cleaning any window, spray glass cleaner on a cloth rather than directly on the window. This will prevent damage to the finish from splattering cleaner.

• Ultrasonic cleaning or use of chemical solvents and scrubbing cleansers are not recommended. They will damage the product.


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