Buying Custom Window Treatments

Buying Custom Window Treatments

March 4, 2021 By Christine Bucks


Elevate Your View with a Solution Designed Just for You


You’ve made the decision that you want new window treatments for one room or a few rooms in your home, and you’re planning to head to your local big box store for some ready-made shades or blinds.


Stop right there.


While buying ready-made window treatments is convenient, opting for custom blinds, shades, drapery or shutters has a whole host of advantages that, in the end, will leave you happier and more satisfied.


Of course, many manufacturers sell custom shades online. To truly reap the benefits of buying custom, though, consider using a manufacturer that offers the services of a window-treatment specialist. A window-treatment specialist will give you the kind of personalized attention, either in-home or in-store, that you can’t get anywhere else.


Hunter Douglas window-treatment specialists, for example, are independent, local businesses who will work with you every step of the way to help you find the perfect shades for your home. Here’s a quick look at the benefits they provide.


Expert Advice


Purchasing custom window treatments through a Hunter Douglas specialist ensures you really do end up with a custom product. (Getting started is easy; simply go online to find a specialist near you and request a consultation.)


When you meet with a specialist, she’ll ask detailed questions to help determine the best solution for your space based on how much natural light you want to control, how you want to be able to open and close your window treatments, and what you’re looking for in terms of style. And she’ll provide educated opinions to help you narrow down your choices.

More Custom Options


The sky is the limit when it comes to custom. You’ll find many more options in styles, colors, fabrics and operating systems than you’d get with ready-made shades and blinds. Plus, you can consider custom shutters and drapery, too. And if you have specialty windows, like arches? You also have a host of choices there.


In addition, custom shades and blinds may be available with a liner, for enhanced light control—something you won’t find offered with ready-made products.


Your specialist will be able to take you through all the possibilities (which could be hundreds when it comes to colors and fabrics) based on your needs, making the process less overwhelming than trying to figure it out by yourself.


Product Samples


One of the biggest benefits of using a Hunter Douglas window-treatment specialist for custom solutions is being able to see samples in person. While you can get inspiration online, you’ll find colors are truer when you’re seeing them firsthand. An in-person consultation also means you can touch fabrics/feel their textures, see the details in woven woods, understand the differences in opacities, and just generally get a better sense of what will best complement your room.

Hunter Douglas Installer Program

A Perfect Fit


Ready-made blinds and shades are mass-produced to fit a limited number of standard window sizes. Chances are, your windows might be taller or wider than standard options.


Buying custom and using a Hunter Douglas window-treatment specialist ensures your blinds, shades, drapery or shutters will fit your windows exactly. That’s because your specialist will take care of measuring, ensuring everything is just right.


Hassle-Free Installation


If you purchase ready-made window treatments, you’ll have to install them yourself. But if you use a Hunter Douglas window-treatment specialist, she’ll install your custom blinds, shades, drapery or shutters for you, saving you time and guaranteeing that the newest additions to your home are properly mounted.


All you have to do is sit back—then enjoy.

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