Seema Krish + Hunter Douglas

Seema Krish + Hunter Douglas

October 20, 2021 By Christine Bucks


Artisanal Craftsmanship



Growing up, Seema Krish took an early interest in art and was influenced by brilliant colors, patterns and textures.


Fast-forward to today, and this San Francisco-based textile designer’s patterns draw inspiration from the vibrant cultures and scenic beauty encountered in her journeys around the world. Rooted in heirloom hand-craft techniques and modern processes, her designs are infused with vivid colors and striking dimensional beauty that delight the senses and make a bold style statement.

I have been fortunate to experience many places around the world, and I find it’s always the light that inspires me.

We’re excited to introduce Seema as part of our Design Studio™ Featured Artist program. Seema created seven custom, unique textile designs for our collection, including two signature embroideries—Woodlands and Tangle. Available as drapery, side panels, Roman and roller shades, pillows and fabric by the yard, the designs were specially created to coordinate with the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, as well as add a distinctive look on their own.

“The Hunter Douglas collection as a whole is a mix of place, of nature and techniques. I believe textiles should connect us with places and help to transport us to the beautiful world beyond the walls of our homes.”

Design Studio Woodlands Fabric Swatches



Inspired by the natural landscape and trees that surround us, this pattern captures the depth that nature offers. It uses the many tones of a single color and combines printing and embroidery techniques to create dimensionality at the window.

Design Studio Floret Fabric Swatches



Traditional Japanese shibori resist-dyeing techniques inspired Floret. Seema’s artistic interpretation represents a bold and graphic flower shape that adds a striking focal point to any room. 

Design Studio Intersection Fabric Swatches



The interplay of yarns in weaving influences this diagonal plaid. Seema’s painterly effect of the artwork and the hazy lines echo a foggy day in San Francisco—making it the perfect complement to solid-colored fabrics and flooring.

Design Studio Straits Fabric Swatches



The repetition created by the varying widths of this monochrome stripe is bold yet harmonious, giving a space a relaxed feel. The texture is reminiscent of traditional ikat dyeing techniques, enhancing the fabric’s overall look.

Design Studio Tangle Fabric Swatches



In this pattern, Seema brings the movement of climbing vines to life. The variegated embroidery lends a tactile quality to this textile, which enhances the depth and drama of the design and easily stands out within a room’s interior.

Design Studio Waves Fabric Swatches



Mimicking the movement of the ocean’s ebbs and flows, the repeating chevron lines in this design have a lyrical quality. At the same time, the color creates a calming effect for a subtle way to invoke serenity.

Design Studio Reflections Fabric Swatches



This pattern could complement a modern or contemporary space and began as a watercolor painting. Seema emphasizes its beauty in the intentional irregularity of the artwork that mirrors the light and shadows that we encounter in our day-to-day lives.