Utility Rebates

Thanks to the national energy performance rating and certification program for window attachments through the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC), it’s easier for utility companies to rebate energy-efficient window treatments.


Utility companies offer consumer rebates on energy-efficient products for a variety of reasons, from public policy, energy-load supply and demand, to overall customer satisfaction. Consumers then benefit from these utility-sponsored rebates — not only in cost and energy savings — but in other ways, which are commonly referred to as “non-energy” benefits. And with Hunter Douglas window treatments, these benefits could include added comfort, aesthetics, increased home resale value, privacy, and light diffusion and control.


Keep in mind that rebate programs and amounts may vary widely based on the type of window treatment, climate, power source (gas and/or electric) and the utility program administrator.

XCEL Energy Colorado Cellular Shade Rebate Offer

Visit your local Colorado Hunter Douglas dealer today. Rebate offer from January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024.

Customer Eligibility


  • Must be a Colorado residential, Xcel Energy natural gas customer and electric customer, or,
  • Must be a Colorado residential electric customer heating primarily with electric heat
  • Have central air-conditioning in your residence


Product Eligibility


Only Hunter Douglas AERC certified cellular shades with a:

  • Cool Climate rating of greater than or equal to 5 and;
  • Warm Climate rating of greater than or equal to 35 qualify for a rebate


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