Room Window Treatments

When it comes to selecting window treatments, your first thought may be to complement a room’s aesthetics. And while style is definitely a key consideration, you should also keep in mind that each room in your home has different light control and privacy needs, meaning some window treatments are better suited than others for a particular space.

Here’s a look at the main rooms in a home along with things to consider when selecting window treatments for those rooms.

October 21, 2021


In the bathroom, window treatments that stand up to heat, humidity and moisture, while also delivering privacy, are a must.

October 28, 2022

Living Room

Window treatments for this room need to provide light control during the daytime, when the sun’s rays can heat up a room as well as fade furniture over time.

July 21, 2022


For a little one’s room, you’ll want cordless, room-darkening window treatments—cordless for safety and room darkening for more restful sleep.

October 28, 2022

Kid's Room

Just the like the nursery, cordless window treatments are best for a child’s room, as are styles that give you flexible light control for playtime and downtime.

May 1, 2023


The heart of the home calls for durable, easy to clean window treatments, especially for windows above or near a sink or prep area.

November 28, 2022

Dining Room

Whether your dining room is for family meals, entertaining, or a little of both, versatile window treatments will let you create just the right amount of light for any atmosphere.

April 8, 2022

Home Office

In a home office, window treatments need to reduce midday screen glare while still giving you the productivity benefits of natural light.


Ideal bedroom window treatments help darken a room, keep a room cool or warm and reduce exterior noise.

Theatre and Media Room

While a big flat-screen and cozy chairs are a must for your home theatre, appropriate window treatments should also be at the top of your list.

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Benefits of Adding Window Treatments to Rooms in your home

Enhanced Privacy

Having window treatments lets you enjoy privacy when you want it and prevents neighbors and passersby from having a clear view into your home after sunset.

Adjustable Light Control

Adding window treatments gives you the flexibility of controlling the amount of daylight entering a room, which is helpful for averting harsh glare.

Extra Insulation

In winter and in cool climates, window treatments help prevent heat from escaping, keeping a room warmer. Simply open your window treatments during the day to let the sun in, then close them at night to add that insulating layer. In summer or warm climates, keeping window treatments closed during the day prevents the sun’s rays from heating up a room, so it stays cooler.

A Darker Room

Certain window treatment styles are great for darkening a room, especially if you opt for the style in a room-darkening fabric. A darker room is important not only in bedrooms for a better night’s rest, but also in living or media rooms, for optimal viewing when streaming movies.

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