Blocking Light from the Sides of Blinds or Shades

Blocking Light from the Sides of Blinds or Shades

November 30, 2021 By Christine Bucks


While natural light streaming into your home offers a whole host of benefits, including boosting your mood or helping you be more productive, at times, too much light can be disruptive or distracting.


For instance, light sneaking in around the sides of blinds or shades first thing in the morning can keep you from catching a few extra winks, while the glare on your TV screen from evening rays can dampen that movie theater feeling.


The spaces that let in this extra light are called light gaps. They’re common to all blinds or shades that are mounted on the inside of window frames, and are needed in order for the blinds or shades to operate smoothly. If the blinds or shades were mounted tightly against the frame, their edges would rub on it when raised or lowered, damaging them.


You don’t need to live with light gaps, though. Consider these solutions for keeping unwanted light at bay.

Layer Up with Side Panels


Pairing stationary side panels with blinds or shades is another option for blinds or shades already adorning your windows—and one that adds depth and dimension to a room.


Of course, side panels are also an option if you’re considering new window treatments and want to avoid light gaps from the start. If that’s the case, look to our family of side panels and drapery, which are designed to layer and coordinate with all Hunter Douglas window treatments.

Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades Fabric: Elan® Metallic  Color: Reflection

Mount Your Shade Outside the Window


If you’re planning on investing in new blinds or shades, you might want to think about mounting them on, outside or above the window frame.   


When you lower a blind or shade that’s mounted outside rather than inside the window frame, it will fully overlap the window, helping to block light gaps between the window’s outer edges and the window frame. (Keep in mind that you might still get a little glow, but you won’t get as much light sneaking through as you would with an inside mounted window treatment.)


Other benefits of mounting blinds or shades above the windows include making the windows (and the room) feel taller, and an unobstructed view when you fully raise the blinds or shades.

Duette Elan with LightLock
Duette Architella® Elan® with LightLock®  Color: Black Onyx

Take Advantage of our LightLock® Feature


For the ultimate light gap blocker, look to our LightLock® feature, exclusively for Duette® Honeycomb Shades. This innovation has unique U-shaped side channels that fit securely into the window frame, absorbing or reflecting nearly all incoming light. With the LightLock system, you can sleep tight—in unparalleled darkness. 


(For an easy interim solution, you might also consider light-blocking strips—L-shaped PVC strips that mount to the sides of a window frame. Check for them at your local big box store.)


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