Zebra Shades

Zebra Shades

December 8, 2021 By Christine Bucks


When you hear the term “zebra shades,” you might have visions of black and white striped fabric, or fabric printed with, well, images of zebras.


Zebra shades are anything but. Also known as layered or banded shades, these unique window treatments are a spin on a standard roller shade. They combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands on a single shade, for a solution that gives you two options for light.

The Benefits of Layered Zebra Shades


Unlike shades that you can only raise or lower, layered shades let you easily control the amount of light streaming into a room, tailoring it to your needs. Simply align the solid fabric bands to let the sheers diffuse natural light (they also filter the view from the outside in). When you desire privacy, shift the solid bands so they overlap one another. (Of course, you can also raise the entire shade for a wide open view.)


This distinctive design gives you lots of versatility—a view when you want it, along with filtered light, and privacy when you need it. Layered shades also pair well with many decorating styles; the clean lines, for example, complement a contemporary aesthetic, while the softness of the sheers marries well with traditional décor. 

Layered shades give you the best of a roller shade and a sheer shade—all in one

Designer Banded Shades in Coastal Villa White
Designer Banded Shades Fabric: Millenium  Color: Parisian Taupe

Layered Shades from Hunter Douglas


The extensive line of Hunter Douglas window treatments includes layered shades, called Designer Banded Shades. Choose from small, medium and large band heights (the bigger the band height, the greater your exterior view), as well as light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics in an array of choices. Designer Banded Shades are also available in a geometric pattern, for modern interiors or where you want to add a hint of the unexpected.


Seamlessly transition from open to closed shades or create varying dimensions of light with the alternating sheer and solid fabric bands. The bands align on adjacent windows, so you can enjoy a clean, uncluttered look.

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