Vertical Blinds Alternatives

Vertical Blinds Alternatives

February 18, 2021 By Hunter Douglas


Top Alternatives to Vertical Window Blinds


While vertical window blinds used to be the most common way to cover sliding-glass doors and large windows, they’re no longer your only option. From vertical cellular shades and sheers to sliding panels and shutters, Hunter Douglas has a variety of window treatments to fit your unique needs and personal style.


Narrowing Down Vertical Blind Alternatives


A few things you’ll want to think about before you start shopping for vertical window treatments: How much clearance do you have around your door or window? Do you have a handle that might get in the way of your window treatment? Is energy efficiency important to you?


Also, consider what type of vertical window treatment will best coordinate with other window shades in your room.


Vertical Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are available as vertical window treatments with an operating system that enables them to traverse side to side. You can use one shade for the entire expanse or you can choose a split-stack shade (each side operates independently).


This particular shade style delivers superior energy efficiency. The honeycomb design traps air in distinct pockets, adding a layer of insulation at the window.


Cellular shades help keep a room cooler in summer by blocking harsh rays, as well as help prevent heat loss in winter, keeping a room warmer.


Their simple design adds a modern feel to a space. And with so many colors, textures and patterns in matching horizontal treatments, they’re easy to coordinate with other windows in a room.


Sheer Vertical Shades


With soft, sheer fabric facings that beautifully diffuse natural light attached to soft rotating fabric vanes, sheer vertical shades offer the functionality of vertical window blinds with the ethereal beauty of drapery panels. 


Because they diffuse natural light, sheer vertical shades help protect hardwood floors, furnishings and artwork from damaging UV rays while maintaining your views to the outside. 


Choose sheer vertical shades, and you’ll always have light when you want it and privacy when you need it.

Skyline Gliding Window Panels in Maya Zanzibar Grey

Panel-Track Blinds


Made of flat, fabric panels that slide on a track, panel-track blinds are a sleek, contemporary twist to vertical blinds. When open, they stack tightly to optimize your view, and when closed, you can enjoy their gorgeous texture and style.




Compared to traditional vertical blinds, shutters have a warm, rich feel. And they’re a great choice for high-traffic areas—they’re as durable as they are beautiful.


Because shutters come in sunburst and horizontal louvers, they’ll fit almost any opening, from angles and arches to hexagons. That makes coordinating other window treatments in the same room, seamless.

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